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311 - Acorn Duo Shot Plate

Gemina Acorn Duo Impression DieClick the image to enlarge

311 - Acorn Duo Shot Plate

Left and right acorns, ideal for making larger studs and embellishments. For smaller versions, see our small acorns duo shot plate.

This acorn duo shot plate is available in two versions, mild steel and hardened tool steel. Both types can be used with a hydraulic press or hammer and punch.

Mild steel

Mild steel is suitable for general hobby use. To prevent damage to the die, properly anneal your metal regularly when using a hammer and punch or press. If you use excessive tonnage with mild steel, you will dent the die (particularly with small designs). Press slowly and check progress.

Hardened and tempered tool steel

Hardened and tempered tool steel is much tougher than mild steel and is suited to heavy, regular use. Our hardened dies are double tempered specifically for use in a press or with a hammer and punch. Please allow an extra 3-5 days for this option.

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Product description

  • Specification

    The acorn duo shot plate designs measure approximately:
    Width:  6.7mm
    Length:  9.3mm
    Depth:  1.4mm

    This acorn duo shot plate is manufactured from mild steel and measures approximately 20mm thick and 40/50mm in diameter. Made in England, UK.

  • Instructions

    Can I use this tool with a hammer and a punch?

    Yes - When using a hammer and punch, it's crucial to work over a solid and rigid surface such as a stump, anvil or a concrete floor. Without a solid surface, no amount of hammering will produce good results! The size of your hammer plays a big part too - a 4lb lump hammer is ideal. Always use a punch when hammering your metal. Be careful to avoid striking the hammer directly on the die or shot plate.

    Can I use this tool with a hydraulic press?

    Yes, all Gemina impression dies and shot plates can be used in a press. Ensure your metal is annealed regularly before you begin. Small designs such as these require careful, gentle pressing. There is no need to use the same amount of force as a larger design.

    Can I use this tool with the YQK-70 hydraulic crimping tool?

    Yes, this plate can be used in the YQK-70 along with our hardened anvil.

    How much silver do I use with this design?

    You can use approximately 1.2g of silver to achieve a solid impression.

    What shape of silver can I use?

    Round shot:

    Melt your metal into round shot. For best results, clean or pickle your metal before placing into the die. Use a hammer and punch (or press) to force the silver into the die. If hammering, anneal your metal after every 3 or 4 heavy blows.

    Small flat ingot:

    Forge your metal into a shape that covers most of the design. Press (or hammer) the metal into the die until you have an outline of the design. Trim, anneal and repeat until you have a full depth impression.

    Flat sheet:

    Cut sheet to size so that it covers the design. Press (or hammer) until you have an outline of the design. Trim, anneal and repeat until you have a full depth impression. Remember to use sheet that is thicker than the impression depth of the die. Alternatively, you can use thinner sheet with urethane (or a soft metal pusher) to create a hollow impression.

    Removing your impression from the die

    Occasionally, some dies can 'hold on' to your metal. This is more common when using a press compared to hammering. Ensure the dies are clean before use. If you wish, you can apply a very small amount of oil into the die before forming as this can help removal. Excess metal will create a flange around the design that will aid in removal after hammering or pressing. Carefully use a thin bladed knife under the excess metal to lift the impression out of the die.

    Some additional information can be found here shot plate and impression die tips.

  • Additional Information

    Take a look at our other flora and fauna shot plates and impression dies.

    If you have a solid and rigid work surface, you could use our Punch (Force) tool with a 2-4lb lump hammer.Or if you need a pusher for your press, you can buy one from our range of press tools.
    Gemina Punch (Force) ToolGemina Press Pushers
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311 - Acorn Duo Shot Plate