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Stamp & Punch Blanks

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Stamp & Punch Blanks

Create your own stamps and punches with these cut-to-length and machined tool steel blanks. Three different diameters are available in both flat and tapered profiles to suit your needs. These are ideal for making your own burnishing tools, texturing stamps, letter and symbol stamps, small chasing tools etc.

These blanks are silver steel, a high carbon tool steel that can be shaped with files, burrs and gravers. If required, you can harden the tool using a medium sized gas torch. Hardening is only necessary if you want to use the tool on ferrous metal or if you want to increase the longevity and wear resistance of the tool.

Instructions for heat treatment can be found below and will also be included with your purchase. 

Product description

  • Specification

    Overall length approx. 95mm

    Diameter options: 8mm 10mm 12mm

    Flat faced or tapered.

  • Instructions

    Once you've formed your punch or stamp to the desired shape, you can perform a heat treatment to harden it. Tool steel is specifically designed to be heat treated and will produce a tool that will last for many years. Silver steel is a water hardening tool steel and should be quenched into cold tap water or brine.

    Heat with a reasonably sized gas torch until the tool becomes the colour of boiled carrots (around 780C). It's better to carry out this stage in a dimly lit environment so you can see the correct colour stage. When the correct temperature has been achieved, a magnet will not attract the heated tool. You can build a small cavity with firebricks to reach temperature faster.

    Hold at this temperature for 2-3 minutes and immediately quench into a decent sized container of cold water or brine. Using pliers or tongs, plunge the tool working end first and straight down into the water to avoid warping. Completely submerge and stir vigorously in a figure of 8 pattern - this helps to quench the tool faster. 

    Hardening will create a blackened surface on the tool that can be removed with fine emery paper or Scotchbrite.

    After hardening, the tool will be too brittle to use and will require tempering. Tempering is a secondary process which reduces the hardness by a small amount but introduces toughness. You can temper in a domestic oven or by using a gas torch. An oven is more reliable and easier. Place the tool on the middle shelf and heat for 1 hour at 250 degrees Celsius (480F). Remove and allow to cool. Your tool is now ready to use.

    To temper using a gas torch, you will be relying on the changing colour of the oxidising steel to judge the correct temperature. Firstly, remove the blackened surface produced during the hardening stage. You need a clean bright surface to see the changing colours. Gently heat the non-working end (or the middle) of the tool and observe the colour change as the heat travels towards the working end. When it reaches a straw colour, quench into water. Your tool is now tempered.

    Additional advice:

    Speed is crucial! It's important to quench quickly and not allow the tool to cool down before plunging into the water.

    If you harden just the working end of your tool, the rest of the shank will remain in it's annealed state. Bear this in mind if the tool will be subject to lots of heavy hammering as it's likely to deform over time.

    If you want to create a tool with a highly polished surface, the final polish is best carried out after hardening and tempering.

    Don't worry if the hardening colour seems to be brighter than instructed. It's better to overshoot this temperature rather than not achieve it.

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Stamp & Punch Blanks